Develop a best-selling WooCommerce store from the ground up

CleverWooBuilder is a plugin that allows creating WooCommerce Single Product page templates and WooCommerce Product Archive templates

with Elementor live page builder functionality using multiple dynamic content widgets.

WooCommerce widgets are now more advanced!

CleverWooBuilder allow you create the exact page structure one needs for the WooCommerce product or Archive page without ever touching a single line of code. The sections and columns can be built in seconds and filled up with content in a drag-n-drop way.
Categories Grid

Build and stylize the WooCommerce Product Categories Grid layouts to the pages built with Elementor on WooCommerce-based websites.

Products List

Showcase WooCommerce products inside list with a variety of styles and customizations to the pages built with Elementor.

Products Grid

Showcase WooCommerce products inside Grid with a variety of styles and customizations to the pages built with Elementor.

Create your own product pages and for different products!

You now have all the tools and specialized widgets at your fingertips to create unique product page layouts. And you even have the option of creating different product page layouts for various products!

Make your shop page layout your own!

Tailor your shop page layout to the needs and preferences of your brand and products. The variety of widgets, listings and grids options offer layouts that work better for you.

Taxonomy Tiles

Your product categories deserve a more creative and outstanding appearance!

Custom Cart page

Make the Cart page tight-packed: order details, cross-sells, empty cart message – everything will fit.

Custom Checkout page

Form a Checkout page that’ll fully cover order review, billing, shipping, and payments.

CleverWooBuilder Widgets Overview

  • Global Categories Grid
  • Global Products List
  • Global Products Grid
  • Global Taxonomy Tiles
  • Single Add to Cart widget adds the Add to Cart button along with the number of pieces of product for purchasing. The button is needed when one has to add the product to cart.
  • Single Attributes widget is used to display the attributes which are added in the Product > Product Data in the Attributes block.
  • Single Cart Extend widget
  • Single Content widget is used to display the content which is added in the Product content block. It has several style settings and allows displaying the already created content.
  • Single Excerpt widget is perfect for displaying the excerpt which is added in the Product Short Description field on the Product page.
  • Single Free Shipping Amount
  • Single Get Order Time
  • Single Images widget makes it simple to add the product featured image to the product page and has stylization options available for setting up.
  • Single Meta widget embeds the SKU number, category and tag used for the product to the page, and allows changing the color, typography and alignment for this information.
  • Single Price widget makes it easy to embed the product price and sale price to the Single Product page. One can also customize the prices along with the currency signs.
  • Single Rating widget is invaluable when adding the product rating to the Single Product page and styling it up according to one’s vision.
  • Single Recent Viewed Products widget makes it possible to display the recent viewed products list and style the colors and the typography for them.
  • Single Related Products widget makes it possible to display the related products list and style the colors and the typography for them. Note, that in the related products the widget displays the recently added products that have similar tags or categories.
  • Single Reviews Form widget allows displaying the reviews for the product along with the field for adding a new review. The Single Reviews Form widget is necessary when one wants the customers to be able to leave reviews.
  • Single Sale Badge widget makes it simple to add the Sale badge to the product’s page. Note, that one should set the Sale price in Products > Product Data Sale Price field to enable this functionality.
  • Single Sharing widget adds social icons for the product.
  • Single Sold in Day
  • Single Stock Label
  • Single Stock Progress
  • Single Tabs widget provides the opportunity to place the reviews and product description into tabs, which can be opened on click. This widget allows to effectively use the space of the Single Product page.
  • Single Title widget allows adding the product title to the Single Product page. It adds the title set on the Product page in the Title field and provides stylization settings for it.
  • Single Upsells widget adds the products which may also be needed by the customer when he purchases the product shown on the Single Product page. The upsell products can be set in Linked Products Upsells field available in Products > Product Data block.
  • Single Visitor Product
  • Add To Cart
  • Categories
  • Excerpt
  • Price
  • Rating
  • Thumbnail
  • Title
  • Quick View
  • Sale Badge
  • Stock Status
  • Tags
  • Count
  • Description
  • Thumbnail
  • Title
  • Products Description
  • Products Loop
  • Products Navigation
  • Products Notices
  • Products Ordering
  • Page Title
  • Products Pagination
  • Products Result Count
  • Cart Cross Sells
  • Cart Empty Message
  • Cart Return To Shop
  • Cart Table
  • Cart Totals
  • Checkout Additional Form
  • Checkout Billing Form
  • Checkout Coupon Form
  • Checkout Login Form
  • Checkout Order Review
  • Checkout Payment
  • Checkout Shipping Form
  • Thank You Customer Address Details
  • Thank You Order Details
  • Thank You Order
  • My Account Details
  • My Account Addresses
  • My Account Dashboard
  • My Account Downloads
  • My Account Login Form
  • My Account Logout
  • My Account Order
  • My Account Registration Form

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